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New Computer

Considering buying a new computer? If you purchased a computer recently, you know how confusing the process can be. There are literally thousands of options, models, makers and accessories to choose from. GeekSupport4U will help you go over every variable in the equation (price, needs, space, etc.) to choose the best computer specifically for you. Our GeekSupport4U technician can also build you a custom rig from scratch using the most trustworthy components made by the best hardware manufacturers.


New Office

Setting up a new office could be a very stressful experience and you need somebody on your side that isn't biased and understands your business's vision. GeekSupport4U will quickly evaluate your needs and direct you as to what equipment you'll need, where to buy it, and how to install it. We are familiar with all the latest technologies and we'll get your office where it needs to be for this century — not the last.


Business Efficiency

Are you using your computer systems effectively? Today, there are countless online services and business software available that can make your business run more efficiently at a lower cost. GeekSupport4U will help you determine if you're using the tools you have in the best possible way and recommend a smarter way to do things.


Gaming Machines

In today’s gaming world, you need the best computer on your side. As life-time gamers here at GeekSupport4U, we know what’s important when it comes to hardware, displays, sound and accessories so that you’ll have the best gaming experience: one that won’t “frag” your wallet!



Computers can get noisy sometimes. Whether the issue is poor initial design or dust that has settled into the system over the years, we’ll solve the problem by either taking the system apart and cleaning it thoroughly or replacing old fans with newer, better ones. We also install water cooling systems and acoustic foam if needed.

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